Article Processing Charges (APCs)

Publication Fee
Starting from Vol. 3 No. July 2, 2023, all articles received after the peer-review process are subject to a fee of Rp. 300,000. This fee will be used for:

1. Website maintenance and security, data backup, hosting extensions,

2. Turnitin Check, Grammarly Check and DOI fee (annual and per article)

There are no additional fees for article submission and rejection and no additional fees based on article length, numbers or additional data, as well as editorial items (Editorials, Corrections, Additions, Withdrawals, Letters, Comments, etc.).


Waiver Policy
The Panrita journal publishes quality open access articles, enabling the scientific community and the public to get free and direct access and reuse content freely with proper attribution. We give it to all authors.

The author (Editor & Reviewer of the Panrita Journal) is free of charge


Other Fees (optional)
If the author or other party requires a printed journal/hard copy, the fee per copy must be paid for printing, binding and postal courier (Indonesian postal services). Please note that courier delivery services need a separate discussion.

Please email us expressing your interest in a hard copy and receive further details.


Payment to:



Bank code : 147

Account number : 8020 777 888

Name : Universitas Muhammadiyah Palopo


Payment confirmation

Editor in Chief

WA: 0821-9293-8082



There is no charge to read, download, or subscribe to articles from Panrita Journal (see Reader FAQ and Librarian FAQ)