Jurnal Pendidikan Pendidikan Anak is a peer-reviewed educational journal that contains the results of thoughts and research related to early childhood education. This journal is intended to provide an academic forum for experts, researchers and educational practitioners related to current and possible future issues. All articles will be reviewed by experts before being accepted for publication. Each author is fully responsible for the content of the published articles.

Jurnal Pendidikan Pendidikan Anak with a publication time twice a year, namely in June and December. Published by the Institute for Publishing and Scientific Publications (LPPI) Muhammadiyah University of Palopo. This journal is open to writers (open access) all over the world regardless of nationality.


The scope includes:

1. Learning Media in Early Childhood Islamic Education

2. Learning and Teaching Strategies in Early Childhood Education

3. Teacher Competence in Early Childhood Education

4. Early Childhood Islamic Education Curriculum

5. Multiple intelligence

6. PAUD/PIAUD Neuroscience

7. PAUD/PIAUD Anthropobiology

8. Development Methodology of Religious and Moral, Physical Motor, Cognitive, Language, Social Emotional, Art

9. Islamic Education Early childhood

10. Childcare education

11. Early Childhood Health and Nutrition


About Jurnal Panrita

  • Country of Publication: Indonesia
  • Publisher: LPPI Universitas Muhamamdiyah Palopo
  • Format: Print & Online
  • E-ISSN: -
  • P-ISSN: -
  • DOI: 10.35906
  • Frequency: Biannual
  • Publication Dates: June & December
  • Advance Access: Yes
  • Scope: early childhood education
  • Article Processing Charges: Yes
  • Types of Journal: Academic/Scholarly Journals
  • Open Access: Yes
  • Indexed & Abstracted: Yes
  • Policy: Peer-reviewed
  • Review Time: Seven Weeks Approximately
  • Copyright: CC-BY-SA 4.0 License
  • Contact & Submission e-mail: nurdinsalama@umpalopo.ac.id 
  • Alternate e-mail: syamsulalamramli@umpalopo.ac.id